About Us

     Hello, my name is Dave McClelland.

     My family and I have lived in Northern Indiana all our lives. We believe in treating every customer like our only one! I have been a contractor and sub-contractor for 22 years, installing solar water heaters and wood boilers for many of those years.

     The concept is simple; cut the middle-man out (Utility CO.), the earlier the better. I have worked on and built many homes; new and remodled. My brother is a liscenced plumber, and a close friend is a liscenced electriction. This ensures your project is completed correctly.

     We as a family are determined to help our enviorment. Green energy has always been my passion, it only makes sense.

     Thanks for looking at us.

     Owners: Dave and Cindy McClelland

     Web Designer: Darren Hyndman

     Children: Darren Hyndman
                     Chandler Hyndman
                     Hope McClelland