What you need to know about the Aqua Stack:

  • Maximizes your stove's efficiency!
  • Designed to extrude lost BTU's utilizing a Patent Pending design.
  • Safe, effecient way of reclaiming lost energy.
  • Less wood (corn or other fuel) consumption.
  • Saves time, saves $$, saves work!
  • Reclaims up to 50% of flue heat loss.
  • Lower emissions.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Fits most stove models
  • Test results show that the Aqua StackTM improved stove efficiency by 30%-50%! (Test results will vary depending on the type of stove and wood being used).
  • Let the Aqua StackTM help you reclaim lost heat and dollars going up in smoke!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Aqua StackTM plug off my stack?

A. No. The Aqua StackTM will actually make more room in your stack by condensing the exhaust vapors as they come through. For example, if you have a balloon full of air that measures 10" in diameter and you are trying to get it through an 8" hole you would have a problem. But if you let the air out then the 8" hole would be more than big enough. The Aqua StackTM shrinks the expanded gasses as they come through making plenty of room for the gasses to exhaust.

Q. Will the Aqua StackTM get full of creosote?

A. No. Our test stoves showed that the creosote was still there, it just burned in the fire box more than it collected in the chimney. Due to the extended time of the stove's down time the wood had more time to dry, therefore the creosote BTU's were captured in the fire box.

Q. Will the Aqua StackTM hurt my stove?

A. No. The Aqua StackTM will enhance the performance of any wood stove, some more than others. It will only improve the efficiency of your stove. Please keep in mind the Aqua StackTM must have a continuous flow of water to work safely and efficiently.

Q. How does the Aqua StackTM work?

A. The Aqua StackTM is placed in the path of your exhausting flue gas and where it will reclaim 50% or more of the waste heat leaving your stove.

Q. Will I need an extra pump to operate the Aqua StackTM?

A. No. The Aqua StackTM hooks up to your existing return line going into the stove. A dedicated pump can be used whenever a continuous flow does not exist. A help number is provided for installation instructions and assistance.

Q. Will the Aqua StackTM work for a natural draft stove?

A. Yes! The Aqua StackTM acts like a giant ice cube in the stack by shrinking the vapor when they pass by, and it also creates a vacuum towards the stack and reclaiims heat from the waste heat at the same time.

Q. Can I install the Aqua StackTM myself?

A. Yes! The Aqua Stack is easy to install and is sold with full installation instructions and a help number is provided for additional assistance. Installation is available in selected areas.

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