Solar Evacuated Tubes

With the federal government offering 30% tax credit with "NO LIMIT" for residential and business. As part of the Latest Energy Bill.

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  Complete Systems   Prices   
  Complete SPP-30 System*   $1600.00     

  Evacuated Tubes & Heat Pipes   Prices
  SPP Box-10ET/10HP(box of 10 evacuated tubes & 10 heat pipes)   $299.00   

  Mounting Frames   Prices
  SPP FR-30-HIGH(SPP Angled Frame( 29-60)-SPP-30)   $279.00   

  Components   Prices
  Standard Components Package**   $360.00   
  Pumpstation Components Package***   $193.00   

*Complete system includes manifold, evacuated tubes and heat pipes, standard frame, tube clips & rubber caps.
**Standard Components Package includes Isolation flange set(1), check valve(1), pressure relief valve(1), pressure gauge(1), boiler T-drain(1), expansion tank(1), mixing valve(1), auto air vent(1), changing valves(2).
***Pumpstation Components Package includes pressure relief valve(1), boiler T-drain(1), expansion tank(1), mixing valve(1), auto air vent(1).

     These collectors can make 130F hot water on a 70% cloud cover day with outdoor temps @14F! No reason to use fossil fuels or burn wood in the summer for solar hot water. If you have a low temp radiant hot water heating system, anytime the sun shines you can utilize solar for domestic "and" space heating. These solar water heater systems only require 120F water.

     These systems work well in below freezing climates when used with corn glycol, or a drainback system. Better than flat plate systems, which only work well in warm climates. You can always add on for more need with low exspense, just add 30, 20, or 10 tube collectors.

     A 30 tube collector normally supplies solar hot water for 4 people. Adding on to the system will increase the availible water for more people, or solar pool heating, space heating, hot tubs, and clothes dryers. Solar water heating can be used almost everywhere. You can also use the systems for solar pool heating and hot tubs.

SPP-30 is new, but has been tested against the competition
with their own testing facility. They have been proven to be the best
for your solar hot water heating needs.

Here are some specifications: