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Solar Evacuated Tubes

     Solar Evacuated Tubes have long been used in solar water heaters for water and space heating. The evacuated tubes are a glass vacuum tube with a superheat conducting liquid to transfer heat to water, or corn glycol, through a copper header.

Solar Panels

     Solar Panels can be used for many applications. Solar Panels produce DC current to run lights and small appliances. Solar Panels can also be used for remote application in which utility's cannot reach by using a DC to AC inverter to power AC appliances and reduce fossil fuel usage.

Solar Lighting

     Solar Lighting has taken common place in landscaping, gardens, and walkways. Using the suns energy, solar lighting turns on automatically at night and off in the day. Harnessing the suns energy in on-board batteries. Solar Lighting needs no wiring and can be used almost anywhere, maintenance free.

Wood Boilers

     Wood boilers will cut heating costs. Wood Boilers use wood to heat water, pumps and controls move the hot water to the proper application, like water heaters, radiant boiler heat, and even forced air heating. Most wood boilers can go 12 - 24 hours without refueling. Wood Boilers used properly can reduce fossil fuels with a renewable resource.

Wind Turbines

     Wind Turbines are a form of solar energy. Using the winds to turn a generator to produce electricity. Wind Turbines can be used for battery charging in remote cabins, or even to power entire homes. Micro wind turbines are becoming more popular for a wind turbine and solar panel hybrid in many low-wind area's.

Solar Water Heater Systems

     Solar Water Heater Systems use evacuated tube collectors with solar hot water storage tanks and controls. These systems work great for solar water heaters. The tank has the heat exchanger built in for single or double solar hot water applications. These systems can be combined or seperate from your existing system.

Solar Pool Heating

     Solar Pool Heating is the most economical way to heat your pool. Solar Pool Heating reduces fossil fuel use, decreasing in utility bills and carbon output. Very easy to install to existing heating systems, or stand alone for complete independance.

Pumps and Controllers

     Pumps and Controllers are the lifeline to any good system. The right pumps and controls help to make a system maintenance free by monitoring heat levels, and solar hot water distribution. The right pump makes that happen with the right control.


     The aquastack is a chimney insert for all types of boilers. The aquastack reclaims heat loss from the chimney gasses without clogging or damaging the chimney. Using the aquastack can decrease fuel usage by 30% or more, By using the lost heat to heat return water on your boiler.

Solar Water Heater Storage Tanks

     Solar Water Heater storage tanks are very important to the system. The solar water heater storage tank is like a battery for solar hot water, storing solar hot water when the system is running at peak performance to use during the down times, even at night.