Pumps and Controllers

Pumps and controllers help to make your system more maintenance free by monitering the system for you.

NOTE: All prices already include shipping.

  Pumps   Price    
  Armstrong Single Speed Circulator Pump   $170.00     
  Armstrong 3-Speed Circulator Pump-50   $220.00   
  Caleffi Single-Line Solar Pumpstation - Return Only     $999.95   
  Solar Hot Water Controllers   Price    
  Caleffi iSolar 3-Delta T Controller (two sensors)     $525.00   
  Caleffi iSolar Plus Delta T Controller (four sensors)     $750.00   
  Steca Tempurature Differential Controller     $170.00   
  Solar PV Controllers   Price    
  Outback FM60 - 150 MPPT Controller 60A     $680.00   
  Outback FM80 - 150 MPPT Controller 80A     $730.00