Solar Panels

With the federal government offering 30% tax credit with "NO LIMIT" for residential and business. As part of the Latest Energy Bill.

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     Solar panels are made of (arrays of photvoltaic cells) also called PV panels. Solar panels use the suns energy to produce DC electrical current, which can be used direct, or for battery charging. Using an inverter to change DC to AC current, solar panels can be used to power small appliances.

     Micro-inverters are used to place solar panels in a series, or array, of solar panels, producing enough energy to power entire homes, or just reduce utility bills. This Saves on fossil fuels and carbon emmisions.

     We have many solar panel sizes, chargers, and inverters, through our affiliate site. We can install, or if you would like a free quote on a large system, contact us for pricing.

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Solar Leasing