Solar Pool Heating

     Solar Pool Heating is the most economical way to heat your pool. Solar Pool Heating reduces fossil fuel use, decreasing in utility bills and carbon output. Very easy to install to existing heating systems, or stand alone for complete independance.

Solar Pool Heating Sizing Calculator

Compared with gas, oil, or electric pool heaters,
our solar pool heater will pay for itself in savings, at times in as little as one year.

With the constant rising energy costs, heating a pool with a free and renewable
energy source – the sun – only makes sense.

Why Solar Pool Heating?

     If your swimming pool is often to cold to use, then you are not making the most of the investment you put into your backyard.

     Depending on where you live, installing a solar heating system can literally double the amount of time you can comfortably use your pool – and in some areas, keep your pool comfortable all year long.

     Compared to traditional methods – such as a propane or electrical pool heater, solar pool panels are both more economical – upfront, and in the long run, requiring minimal maintenance and costing nothing to operate.

A solar pool heating system adds value to your pool and to your residence.

Solar pool heaters produce “clean” positive energy from the sun, do not pollute the environment, nor use fossil fuels – which are not renewable.

Solar Pool Heating – How it Works

1. Pool pump pushes the pool water to the solar collectors

2. Cool water enters the solar collectors from the bottom

3. Water is heated as it flows upwards through the solar pool heaters to the top.

4. The heated warm water is then returned to the pool.

5. This process continues until desired temperature is reached.

Solar Panels Plus: Our Pool Panel


Many pool panels can cool rapidly because individual flow tubes aren't insulated by each other.

Our pool panels use a square channel design, with each channel insulating the other, reducing the heat loss significantly. The square channel design also helps our panels withstand freezing conditions better than a round channel design that cannot expand or change shape.


Our manufacturing plant – located in the USA – uses a combination of the highest quality Polypropylene, Carbon Black, and non-depleting UV Stabilizers to guarantee an efficient & durable solar pool heat.

Our panels contain about 35% more material than most brands, ensuring higher durability, and a longer life, attracting more heat, and reducing heat loss.


The Solar Panels Plus brand of solar pool heaters is fully backed with a 10-year replacement warranty. Although the panels can be repaired, we would rather replace them completely – even if they are damaged from freezing.

Our solar pool panels are also certified and tested by the SRCC,
so they would fully qualify for any government tax incentives
that may be available in your area.*

*Check for a complete list of incentives in your area and their requirements.

  Pool Panels     Prices     
  SPP-408 (4'x 8' panel w/ 2" header)   $231.83   
  SPP-410 (4'x 10' panel w/ 2" header)   $244.82   
  SPP-412 (4'x 12' panel w/ 2" header)   $270.77   
  Kits   Prices
  P-KIT (2" panel kit-1 per panel, + one per row)   $44.50   
  VAC (2" vacuum breaker-one per system)   $64.90   
  S-KIT (2" system kit-1 per system)   $80.00   
  Components   Prices   
  Polyester Strap per foot   $.50   
  Goldline GLC-235 (Controller, valve and actuator)     $499.99   
  Positive Seal 3-way valve 2"   $70.04   
  Super Clip Assembly (3 per panel, + 3 per row)   $5.88