Solar Hot Water Heater Storage Tanks

     Solar Water Heater storage tanks are very important to the system. The solar water heater storage tank is like a battery for solar hot water, storing solar hot water when the system is running at peak performance to use during the down times, even at night.

     There are many types of storage tanks with heat exchangers on top, or both top and bottom, for other solar water heating applications. You may not want to spend the money on a tank now, but they will improve your system. You can use your existing hot water heater for solar hot water storage.

NOTE: All prices already include shipping.

  Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks     Prices     
  RHEEM-80-HE-TANK (RHEEM 80gal Storage Tank With Heat Exchanger)   $1475.00     
  RHEEM-120-HE-TANK (RHEEM 120gal Storage Tank With Heat Exchanger)     $1650.00   
  HT-SSC-80-SB (Heat Transfer-Glass Lined-80gal Dual HE)   $1995.00   
  HT-SSC-119-SB (Heat Transfer-Glass Lined-119gal Dual HE)   $2495.00   

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