Wind Turbines

     Wind Turbines are a form of solar energy. Using the winds to turn a generator to produce electricity. Wind Turbines can be used for battery charging in remote cabins, or even to power entire homes. Micro wind turbines are becoming more popular for a wind turbine and solar panel hybrid in many low-wind area's.

     Micro wind turbines mounted to your home or a rooftop will save you money on a tower, if your limited on space, and work well in lower wind speeds. Towered wind turbines can be more beneficial in higher winds with larger diameter blades.

     We are affiliated with WindMax, who offers many different alternative energy products. WindMax makes battery charged, off-grid, and grid-tie units. They also offer hybrid, solar panel, and wind turbine models for the perfect combination. Our affiliates also carry SouthWest Wind turbines.

     We can do the installation for any of the wind turbines, whether you order, or we order. All wind turbine sales are completed through our affiliate site, and we follow their policies on shipping and returns for wind turbines, and any other product that they carry.

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Wind Speed Maps
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