Wood Boilers

Gasification Woodboiler

     At Best Solar Boilers, we are knowledgeable with all wood burning, and biomass stoves. We can install and help you decide which stove will work best for your needs.

     Gasification wood burning stoves are by far the best stoves for many applications, burning 91% efficient, burning less wood, lowering creosote and emmisions.

     Wood boilers will decrease monthly bills and fossil fuel usage for heating and domestic water heat. These wood boilers can be plumbed to more than one structure, also heating pools and hot tubs.

     Traditional wood stoves can help reduce fossil fuels for heating, but usually burn more wood to produce the same effect, and can be hard to circulate heat to other rooms in your home.

     At this time, we do not sell a certain wood boiler or wood stove. We are looking at a few different companies for dealership, but our main goal is not the sell, it is to ensure you get the best stove for what you need. There are so many stoves, and not every stove is for everyone.

Let us help you find your stove!